Found in the Journal of the Scarlet Knight

A Spider in My Cell

In My Morning once, I found a Spider struggling in my near-empty water glass next to the basin in My Cell. While wishing to drink water to quench the Thirst imposed by Sleep, in doing so I would End the Spider. Even though I care not for the sight of spiders or envy their lifestyle, I suddenly became frightened for the Spider - the Spider did no wrong but follow a spider's Nature and strive to live a spider's Life. I thought, if only for a few seconds, should the Spider End by My Hand in order to ease My Thirst? The Spider's Life for a glass of water? I felt at Odds with Myself but not at Odds with My Training as a Knight of Campion. My Sworn Duty is not to End Life but to protect the Lives and Freedoms of All until there is a need to End Life in order to Honor my Sworn Duty. The Challenge for a Knight of Campion is to fully Understand His Sworn Duty to All, to Honor His Sworn Duty to the best of his ability, strength and wisdom, to Honor His Sworn Duty even if His Life is to be forfeited.

It is a Sworn Duty to Protect the World from Itself.

I chose to relieve the Spider of the threat of imminent death by drowning. I drained and sopped up any remaining droplets of water in my glass and laid the glass on its side. I left the Spider to survive on Terms defined by Nature, Strength and Chance, Specific Terms always needed for Survival, always needed in Life. I wished the Spider good fortune while abandoning my need to drink on that morning day in my Cell and left for morning meal. It was the early morning when I first encountered the Spider and I would not know the fate of the Spider until the end of Day back in My Cell.

After the finish of morning meal, I went on to my scheduled studies with the Spider in My Thoughts.

My first study was Latin - unforgiving as it always is for Me. In avoidance of my attention to Latin lessons and in consultation with my Latin text, I chose to name the Spider in honor of My Latin Struggles. My Spider is now known as Aranea Tela Spinaretus. For short, I call My Spider - Irving.

During this morning, I was involved with my studies but consumed with Irving in Need of Salvation. I thought of Damnation, the cause of The Greatest of Individual Loss and Eternal Ruin. Eternal Damnation - a Thought most certainly Born in what is often spoken of as Hell. Surely, Irving should not be Damned for following a spider's Nature and thus should be most worthy of Salvation. In absentia (Lat., feminine noun), I again wished Irving good fortune.

The Morning passed quickly but was filled with concern for Irving. At Mid-Day Chapel attended for affirmation of Someone Else, my thoughts traveled to memories of Lucien, the Family Dog of my early life with Mother and Father. Lucien was my closest friend, sleeping alongside Me during my nights. Lucien listened to me when I spoke of Love and Beauty learned from my Mother and when I spoke of Strength and Dread given to Me by my Father. Lucien was always there to comfort and strengthen Me.

Lucien was lost to me one Summer Day just a few years into my early life with Mother and Father.

Lucien arose with Me early on that Summer Day and we wished each other good fortune. Lucien went on to work the fields while I went to Learning and to run my errands for the household. At a late hour, Lucien was not waiting for Me when I returned home from that Day. For Lucien, that Summer Day was not one of good fortune - Lucien was gone and would never return to The Family. Lucien would never return to Me.

My afternoon studies and training went well that Day that I met Spider Irving - I was focused and thought less about Irving. After finishing last meal, I went on to final studies. It was during final studies that concern for Irving again clouded my thoughts. I hoped that a lifeless Irving would neither be present in the glass nor within eyesight when I returned to My Cell. Surely the absence of Irving would bode well for his survival. His survival on that Day would allow Him to fully Honor His Nature, to fulfill His Destiny, to play His Role in the World.

Irving's Survival on that Day would be an afterthought. His Salvation being Paramount.

I now believe that Lucien was allowed passage through the Gates of Elysium those many years ago. I will reunite with Lucien when it is Required of Me. I believe that Irving will be with Us.

There once was a Spider in My Cell - Irving was his Name.

Much can be learned from the Life of a Spider.