The Last Thoughts of The Scarlet Knight

The Scarlet Knight at The Gates of Elysium

Yet Another Cold Night Lying Alone with Sword at My Side. The battle ended several days ago and I survived with neither Steed nor Comrade to speak with of My Life in My Land, My Life in the World. My only comfort is the Intermittent Rainfall that cleanses my Armor of blood and pain, that wakes Me Alive and that eases My Thirst. The End of My Days as a Campion Knight will come Soon. I willingly await My Final Adventure.

I was Pledged into the Knights Elite in My last year of My 4 year Quest. I believed that I Pledged well and that I would live and serve well as a Knight Elite. Once Pledged, The Strength that Pulsed through My Young Life, My Armor, My Sword and Steed resounded in My Heart with every thought conceived and every action taken as a Knight Elite. My Quest in The land is now within reach. My Destiny will be revealed to me soon. I am now prepared for the Revelation.

My Quest in The Land has Ended and I am now without a Land to Protect, to Serve and to Save. My Belief in Someone Else surely will hold me well until I Discover My Land. With My Belief in Someone Else, I began My Journey as One, to Find and Establish My Land. It is There that I will Teach My Beliefs and share My Strength derived from The Land and The Knights of Campion. It is there, in My Land, that I will Save All the World.

After uncountable months of Journeying and Trepidation, My Journey Ended. I finally found My Land, My Future, My Destiny. I found a Land that I Needed to Protect, to Serve and to Save and yet still I Needed to Win This Land over. I Needed to Win My Land against All Others and yet share with Them My Beliefs and Strengths in making this land The Land of The Scarlet Knight.

After Years of Struggle, My New Found Land became known as Omnia Terra. It is a Long and Wide Valley, lush and fertile, with natural escarpments forged by Time and Earth that guard both the East and West frontiers. Through the Valley Floor flows a small but strong River fed by many streams carrying water down from the cliffs. It is the Purest of water making it the Purest of lands. It will be here in Omnia Terra that My Eyes will forever close upon All the World and yet My Strength shall forever remain to nurture the Valley.

Omnia Terra has survived and flourished for so Many Years, Years that I wish not to revisit. Many battles were fought for Omnia Terra with much Gain, much Honor Achieved and much Loss absorbed over These Years.

I am now Aged and lacking in Strength, a consequence of all the battles and all the Loss, but I must fight one Last Battle for Omnia Terra.

The Southern Border of Omnia Terra will soon be breached by an army of Marauders bearing allegiance to no Land and to no Belief. These Marauders are guilty of killing and pillaging in all the lands within their chosen path. After sending troops and cavalry to support our Southern Allies, our Defense against the Marauders has faltered. Omnia Terra is now in jeopardy. I, The Scarlet Knight, will now lead the strength of Omnia Terra in battle against the Marauders at the Southern Border.

The Battle at the Southern Border raged for 2 days and 2 nights before I was felled with Sword in hand and lost consciousness. When I became aware of my surroundings I knew not of the outcome of the battle and had not the strength to rise from the mud holding my armor. My Sword would stay at My Side while I counted the sunrises. My count would be few.

Never Forget, even with the End of My Life, that I am Forever The Scarlet Knight of the Campion Knights of The Land, and that I am Forever The Scarlet Knight of All the World.

There Were These Times