One Day in My Life in The land

The Morning Bells have begun their insolent attack on the Knight's sleeping quarters indicating that Dawn has arrived. Roosters once held this job but each Rooster lasted but one awakening before being asked to serve the Knighthood in a more tasteful manner at mealtime.

After Morning Bells, All Knights enter the New Day remembering the Day Before, striving to understand the Losses while drawing strength from the Gains. For All Knights, there is much to accomplish on each New Day

I share my Cell with another Knight, I spending the night in safe but guarded rest indulging in thoughts of My Quest while my Cellmate always engaging in restless sleep and thoughts only known to him. He is an honorable Knight and we are pledged to each other as we Honor the Knighthood together as One. After morning grooming and preparation, we leave our gatehouse together and travel the Quad to share our morning meal with Fellow Knights. The New Day has now begun in earnest for Us and for All Knights in The Land.

Our morning meal is brief in time but rewarding in sustenance and comradery. Each New Day begins with Knights seated together in Strength. We are six to a Table of Equals until the moment arrives for Individual Knights to follow their own path to their studies and training for the day. The Knights will always be Equal, always be One, but Knights will always seek out the Best in Themselves as Individual Knights of The Land. Each Knight will be forever Equal and yet forever Unique in The Land and in The World.

The New Day always begins for Me in Study with training and fighting regimens followed throughout the Day.

My Studies For the Day Begin.

The Language of The Ancients.

It is Latin, and it is as Dead a language as are The Ancients.

But Latin is the language of the Guardians because it is the language of Someone Else. The many Scrolls describing the Life, Teachings and Death of Someone Else speak to the World in Latin. And so it is because of these reasons that Latin is taught and learned in The Land. Indeed, The Knighthood and I will face more severe challenges than learning Latin Declensions.

My first study of the day is Latin. The Guardian that instructs and patrols this time is of knowledge and good cheer but I cannot please him as easily as I please my Sword Master. While my sword arm is strong with my Sword daily becoming a Vital part of Me, Latin eludes and defies me. The Latin language is not becoming a part of Me - I struggle to understand It. Am I therefore destined to forever struggle to understand Someone Else?

The solace that I take in the study of Latin is that I learn about the people and the history that were a part of Someone Else. It is these times and history that will always predate Me so I need to learn as best I can with Latin as my guide. I always try my best. Each New Day I more fully learn of Someone Else the more I study Latin.

The Spoken and Written Word of The Land and Beyond.

The Land and its Surrounding World and Beyond need to speak together in one language - Latin will not suffice. The Chiens de La Terre, Allies to the North and South, travelers from beyond borders, friend and foe alike. One language is needed for All.

Hence, One language has been agreed upon to learn and to use between All. It is called the language of The New World - it is called Anglicus. It is a language derived and compiled from all our Territories and that has origins from the various languages of The Old World whence Many of All in the New World have History. It is a good language. It is becoming a part of Me. I feel more safe and more aware of the World the more I learn the Anglicus Language.

The New World Scrolls, even those describing Someone Else, are being written in Anglicus. I read them with Zeal. They are becoming as part of Me as my Sword. I welcome the Learning. For Me, the language of Someone Else is Anglicus.

The Life of Someone Else.

In essence, it is the Study of the True Meaning of Our Lives once accepting the Belief in Someone Else. I have chosen to Believe with my Mother and Father being integral in leading my Belief. I am content in my Belief and that it will serve Me well. I will play out this hand dealt to Me and that I chose to Believe until I find fault and choose not to Believe.

The Guardians are the Great Scholars of Someone Else. The Guardians began their Own Path following Someone Else so many years ago. They have followed, studied and believed in Someone Else and I have Faith that will teach me the Truth of my Belief in Someone Else.

Morning Studies are Over. It is Midday. I now have Chapel with Fellow Knights in Celebration and further Study of Someone Else. It goes well as do all days in Chapel since Midday mealtime follows soon afterward. I need the Midday sustenance to successfully enter Swordplay for the next hour. My sword arm will always cramp if not fully fed and watered. The Midday sustenance is only sufficient but far worse would be a cramp in my sword arm while facing an opponent in a clash of swords.

My Afternoon Studies Begin.

The History of Man and His Laws.

It is The Meaning of All - All who are living, who have lived and who have yet to Live in the World. It is for Those who are willing to Learn and to Understand. But It is All who Must Learn and All who Must Understand this History and these Laws in order to find their own place in the World and to make the World a Better World for Themselves and for All.

All throughout Man's Time, the World has been in Turmoil and in Chaos with Man mostly being the Antagonist. Man against Man, Man against the Flora and Fauna of the World, Man against the World Itself. It is a History much of which is regrettable. This History is without doubt, but the Laws of Man have been conceived and embraced to alleviate this regret. There is Hope in studying the History and the Laws of Man. I am learning of this Hope. I believe in this Hope. I welcome this Hope.

The Guardians Understand and Teach this Hope to All Knights. I will learn their Teachings to help Me find my Life in The World.

The Laws of the Natural World.

Whereas the Laws of Man provide a Moral Lodestone and an understanding of Man, the Natural Laws are the Strength of the World and to believe in them and to understand them is Vital to the World and to All. Natural Laws have no conscience, no soul, no yearning. Natural Laws feel no sadness, no grief, no regret, no hate, no love. There is a Purity to Natural Laws and that is why they Reign Supreme. The World can only exist with Natural Laws in Control. Natural Laws determine the Sun rising in the East, the flow of the Rivers, the changing Seasons of the Year, the Breaths of Life found in the Air and the Beginning and End of Life for all Living Things. But it is Man and His Laws that make living in the World for Man worth Living. It appears to be a Good Balance. A Balance that could survive the Ages. Man only needs to realize Man's responsibility to All, to All Living Creatures and to All the World.

I will try to understand, believe and revel in the Natural Laws of the World. I feel safe knowing that they Exist. I intend to Live my Life embracing the Natural Laws. I will study them well, as well as I Study and Believe in Someone Else. I have freely chosen this path, one of many surely to come.

I will Learn these Natural Laws from the Guardians and The World around Me.

Afternoon Studies have Ended. I will now spend Time on the jousting fields armored with shield, sword and lance. Chosen by a Guardian, a Steed will take Me through both our paces. My Time on the jousting fields introduces Me to many different Steeds, all of whom need to be trained by Me as a Rider and who need to train Me as a Horseman. During this Time I further learn the Skill of Combat from and with Fellow Knights and Guardians, a seminal time for All Individual Knights and for The Knighthood.

I am now Off the jousting fields and have One Hour allotted to Me for Myself without guidance, study or training - a welcome Event for All Knights. I delight in this One Hour - it is I in control with only limited responsibilities to The Land and to The Knighthood. I can choose to engage in additional training with Fellow Knights, spend time with my studies and The Scrolls of The Land in the Great Hall, visit the Seclusa Aquarum for its soothing calm, enter into Games of Challenge with Fellow Knights or stay with Myself in peaceful thought. This One Hour is a Gift to all Knights.

However, many days my One Hour has been taken away and I must devote this Time to the Hall of Jugs. A punitive measure imposed by Guardians upon Knights who have chosen Not to behave as Knights or at least how Guardians expect Knights Not to behave. In this regard, Knights and Guardians have agreed to disagree. The Hall of Jugs is not just a Time of Forced Silence - it is a Loss of Freedom. The Campion Knights of The Land are in training to Fight for Freedom for All The World - perhaps this loss of Individual Freedom will do Us Well.

The Last Meal of the Day. All Knights now come together to share the evening meal. The Day is nearing its End and food and drink are required and a welcome respite from formal studies and training regimens undergone by All Knights. The meal is good and sustaining - It always is knowing that another Day is ending and bringing All Knights nearer to their Quest.

A Time of Study Now Begins. It is a Time when All Knights engage in the Study of The Day - Teachings. It is an Intense Time and All Knights treat this Time with Great Respect for Themselves and Fellow Knights. It is a Time of much Study, Silence and Reflection. In many ways it is soothing to both the Spirit and the Soul. For Me, at the end of this Study Time, I always feel Renewed as if Reborn and I always feel Confident in facing a New Day and New Challenges.

End of Day Bells have begun. It will be lights out soon in all Gatehouses and all need to be abed. Only those Knights and Guardians on Security will be allowed to roam the Homeland and Are there to protect the Day that Was and the Day that Will Be.

The Day has Ended.

A New Day is Soon Coming to The Land.