The Land

by The Scarlett Knight

In the Land, it is the rising sun that allows the Eagle to take full flight in search of prey for dame and brood and it is only He that can fully embrace the expanse and essence of the Land below.

Northward in flight from the aerie, the Eagle surveys the Land below captured between sharpened cliffs and steep forested slopes. The Western Front still strong and treacherous to invaders maintains the peace. The River below, a vital source of strength and safety for the Land, flows beneath the western cliffs for unseen miles often keeping armored cavalry at bay impotently standing amid their own filth and dishonor as they gaze upon the Land with envy and lust. On the Eastern Front, time and nature have weakened both the strength and grace of the descending slopes where wide paths have been worn into its life by foraging deer, bear and their pursuing killers leaving the East within the grasp of enemies of the Land. Attack on the Land will surely first come from the East.

Further in flight, the Eagle soars into the life blood of the Land - the Home of the Knights. Jousting fields are the first to be seen by His eyes. On the left is a grass field twice in length than width with lines across its breadth to mark the fallen in a trial by combat not with swords but by ownership of a boar's head, properly inflated. The field on the right is oval in shape to honor the beginning and end of all things great and small - individual spirit and desire live well here during the jousts. Many challenges are put forth and many gauntlets thrown down by the Knights on these fields to all comers not more than 3 days forced march with all participants surviving the day of joust to fight another day.

Beyond the jousting fields, Eagle eyes are offered a treeless quadrilatus surrounded by fortified structures and gatehouses. Directly in view stands the Great Hall, Campion Hall, built to house the Halls of Learning and the Collection of Scrolls for all to study. Attached to the Great Hall at its Eastern edge is the Place of Challenge used by the youngest of Knights and containing anterooms with running water to cleanse their wounds and sacred enough to apply self-flagellation commensurate with their losses in Challenge.

The Eastern right flank of the "Quad" boasts two fortified gatehouses housing three cohorts of Knights able to mount a coordinated defense of the Land within minutes of the signal fire being set ablaze on the Eastern Front. The Chapel for the Land also rests on this flank amid the gatehouses for the Knights to seek strength and solace before entering into pitched battle. In days of splendor and beauty for the Land, it is the Chapel that remains the constant of spiritual enlightenment and enrichment of both mind and soul for all who enter.

On the left flank of the Quad stands the Arena of Knights, the Guardians Keep, and the butchery, kitchens and ovens always ready to feed the Knights and Guardians. The Arena was built to be an enclosed jousting field where Knights would hone their combat skills by challenging each other in bloodless sport either as individuals or as distinct groups and to also host sport between Knights and their outside Challengers vying for honors and colors of victory to display upon their shields. The Guardians Keep, home to the Guardians, is where they sustain themselves amid the Knights and the Land. Their strength emanates from the Keep, surging throughout the Land, and is protected by both Guardian and Knight. The Guardians strength and salvation have always resided in their belief in Someone Else and in their Pledge to the Knights - at times the Guardians true salvation has been just a Spit and a Whistle away. The only threat to the Guardians will come from within themselves.

Just beyond the Quad on this flank reside the Knights Elite, armed and ready to inflict Terror upon all invading armies. They and their Steeds of Honor will always hold the Knights Line and will always win the Day against all who dare attack the Land. The Heart of the Land beats nowhere stronger than in the Knights Elite and all Knights are destined to become Knights Elite and attain their Quest.

Allies and Defense of the Land

The Blue and Gold of Aquinas, adversaries on the jousting fields but allies in thought and spirit, hold sway to the North of the Land. They have pledged their Red in battle to protect the Land as the Knights have pledged their Scarlet to protect the Blue and Gold. The Northern Front is perilous for only those who attack the Land. Deep within the Home of the Knights, dedicated Knights of the Marlboro Brethren, Leinenkugel Templars, and Sons of Aunt Mary routinely position themselves on the Eastern Slopes as an advance Guard against invaders. They are joined by the Chiens de la Terre, fighters of the Prairie, whose land encircles the Knights for safety and mutual benefit. Together they will stem the early attack of onrushing hordes on the Eastern Front until the Knighthood and their allies mount their punishing response once the signal fire has been sighted. South of the Land the Illuminati of Wahlert have allied with the Knights in mutual defense of all their lands and freedoms. The Southern Front has been defended and secured by the blood of Knights and Illuminati for many years and will remain strong as long as the Knighthood remains strong.

Days of Future Passed in the Land

Dark skies have always appeared on the Western Front, the strongest Front of the Land, over the many years the Land has been alive with Knights and Guardians. The skies have now been getting darker and often more hostile in nature to the Eagle as well as the Land. A coming of change now rides upon the Western wind.