Written in the Journal of The Scarlet Knight

Women of The Land and Beyond

Where, When, and How does a Campion Knight begin to speak of the pleasure and pain found in the Women of The Land and Beyond. These women sought out by Knights and accepting of the gallantry of Knights were of the Land, the Prairie and at a sheltered distance from the Land and the Homeland of the Knights. The gallantry of Knights for the Favors of Damsels. A deal well made in any Era, in any Age, in any World.

Juliette and Guinevere were but two women of the Land and Beyond known to I and most Knights. One raven-haired and the other of alabaster skin. Human traits yet to be clearly defined by science while their strength over Knights being clearly well-defined, clearly well-accepted and clearly well-appreciated. Juliette and Guinevere were both pleasing and complete in their lives with the Knighthood. Their strength, loyalty and commitment to the Knights of the Land never failed to be honorable and rewarding.

Juliette and Guinevere were sisters not of blood but of Purpose. They loved their lives as they loved All the World around them. They were sisters of one Heart that beat strongly and passionately for all to Hear and Feel. They loved the Knights and admired the Knighthood for empowering the Land for All to draw Strength and Life from the Land and Beyond. Juliette and Guinevere were always seen in the Flowers of Spring and they were always alive in the crisp early morning dew of the Autumn "Quad".

I first met the raven-haired Juliette on a cold day of jousting during the season before the celebration of the Beginning of Someone Else. I met her eyes with mine while attending to my wounds of body and spirit delivered by an adversary. Her eyes on mine were soothing and stirring to both my body and to my spirit. I felt more Alive than ever. The fever of Joust followed by the pulse of Life only a Woman of the Land and Beyond can provide. There is no Better for a Knight. Juliette was my first Love. A love born of sacrifice, trial by fire and the calming touch of the World as taught to me by Juliette. I will never forget Juliette and I will never forget to honor Juliette within my Lifetime forever being a Campion Knight of the Land.

Juliette was Lost to me in a raid at the Eastern edge of the Land by a rogue sect, the Barbarus, of the nomadic Tribe of Terra. The Barbarus were often sought out and killed with prejudice that was sanctioned by the Elders of their Tribe. Often the Barbarus would be hunted down by their own fathers and brothers and final justice administered without pause.

One Hundred Days after the raid at the Eastern edge of the Land that took Juliette and Others, the Barbarus existed no more. The Knights of Campion provided the final sword thrusts into the last of the Barbarus and I was there. The Barbarus ended on that Last Day. Only the name Barbarus is allowed to remain on Scrolls for All to remember their depravity so that All will never allow this depravity to live again. The Knighthood has sworn to be forever Vigilant and forever on Guard against All Evil since that Day of Reckoning.

After the loss of Juliette and Others on that Day, Guinevere became ever stronger and ever more passionate about her love for All the World. Her Heart beats even more strongly now since it is beating for Two. It appears that it is the Pain of Loss that forces one to begin to understand the Meaning of Life and to savor both Life's sweetness and Life's bitterness. This is indeed unfortunate since it is just lost Time and lost Living for All who are a part of Life. I would rather die by the Sword at a young age than realize how foolishly I've lived a long Life.

I have a joust in three days. I'll be wearing Guinevere's Favor.