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VOLUME 11 • CHAPTER 4 • October 2011

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In going over site I see there have been requests for info on the dorms. Well here goes.

In September 1955 Kostka Hall had all freshmen in "B" dorm but those who had fathers or brothers attended Campion slept in "C" dorm; the difference being "C" dorm had wider cubicals; 10 feet compared to 8 feet in "B" dorm. On the top floor were sophmores who wanted to stay with freshmen and therefore got rooms (2 in a room). The reason being there was no smoking in Jr. Division (as Kostka was called) --cubicals were 3 walls and a curtain, small dresser, and small standup wardrobe.

September 1956 moved to Senior Dive at Campion Hall dorms up on 3rd floor. About 150 of us slept in one big room that was nicknamed the "BARN". Same set up as Jr. Division. All sinks for washing were in hallway. Showers in both Jr. and Sr. Division were in the basement.

As for my 2 years in school.. there was no drinking to my knowledge and no runs to the river as some priests were always hunting or fishing at my time there. The big deal was to go to Ma's restaurant across the tracks.

Well just a little info do what you want with it.

Campion Musicians

We need your help for the next issue. Do you know of any Campion musicians are are still playing their instruments. If they have a video on youtube or another public site, send us a link so we can check it out. Other links are good too. Thanks.

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  • William B. Faherty,S.J. 2011-08-22, History, Scholastic [1938-1941]

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