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VOLUME 12 • CHAPTER 3 • October 2012

Request for post-Campion sports memoirs.

We are still waiting on you Jocks to send us articles.

Request for Campion related articles.

We can add articles to this edition on the fly. So if you have something to contribute send it in and we will add it.

Campion: A 40 Year Flashback

Frank Greider 72 put this video together for the class of 72 40th reunion. It features some sports and members of one of the longest running Campion Student Bands, the Liquid Sunshine Band.

From: Ken Weis '49

This is Ken Weis, Campion '49. I saw a note between two alumni about our Campion altar, and decided to pursue it. The lady, Carol Fries, has been most kind and has been very responsive to information I shared with her about Campion Jesuit High School. There are most probably some grads of Campion that have no idea what happened to our altar. It was not just "any" altar, it was our altar and it has a glorious history.

Our altar is now the altar of St. Mary Church in Rome, Georgia. Read More...


You can always check out the status of reunions at the C-K Reunion site as well as any archives of past reunions and mini-reunions. Of course, we only know about what we are provided. If you have info, send it in.

In the meantime, the class of 1973 is already making an effort to find all their missing classmates and making sure their info is updated on their class roster in the InPrivatum Campianum.

Chuck Lambeck '60 is willing to host another all-class Florida reunion next year. Read more...

Alumni who have passed in 2012:
James T. Glenn19482012-01-05Philidelphia
Dick D. Crenshaw19602012-01-15Wadsworth
John T. Donahoe III19702012-02-05Hanover
David S. Schmitt19672012-02-05
John Bachhuber19542012-02-14Kaukauna
Jerome M. Vulakovic-Hokin19492012-02-17Detroit
Fr. Howard E. Kalb19412012-04-04Dubuque
Terrance J. Coughlin19662012-04-27Souix Falls
William L. Bergstrom19722012-06-09Neenah
Eugene P. Kelly19452012-06-20Oak Park
Christopher T. Lamal19702012-07-05Ashland
Patrick J. Casey19722012-07-11Chicago
John I. Reilly19572012-07-13Tucson
Don W. Sebastian19412012-07-20Prairie du Chien
James W. West19322012-07-24Chicago
Gary P. Deeny19652012-07-24Waucoma
Michael T. Peterson19662012-07-28Prairie du Chien
Joseph Gerbosi19662012-08-13Chicago
Paul D. Cowden (fka Gierlach)19632012-09-23Lexington
Terrance B. O'Brien19722012-10-03Fort Dodge
Curtiss Bates19712012-10-05Fremont
Frank W. Donnelly19702012-10-07DeKalb
Pat J. Finneran19532012-10-28Columbus
Kevin Trehey19732012-11-27Seneca

Faculty who have passed:

  • Rev. Howard E. Kalb '41, S.J. 2012-04-04, CJHS Class of 1941; Scholastic 1948-1951, Taught Algebra; Priest 1957-1960, Algebra, Dean of Kostka Hall, Dean of Lucey Hall; President and Rector 1960-1966, Erected Hoffman Rec Center, Xavier Hall, and Superintendent Maintenance Building.
  • Frank Goetz 2012-07-10, Scholastic 1962-1963, Taught Latin
  • Don Sebastian '41 2012-07-20,CJHS class of 1941;Campus Barber 1952-1978
  • Rev. Aloysius Schmitz, S.J., 2012-01-27, Scholastic 1952-1954, Taught Math
  • Rev. Robert Hoene, S.J., 2012-05-19, Assistant Principal, 1955-1956
  • Obits at the Jesuit Wisconsin Province website

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