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VOLUME 13 • CHAPTER 4 • October 2013

Request for MORE INPUT

It's been a whole year and 2 months since we asked for sports and any other Campion alumni related articles. The request is repeated below. We are also wanting memoirs from our faculty members. Especially the retiring ones who we'd like to hear from. It can be about your ministry at Campion or post Campion ministry. We just want to hear from you that helped form our lives.

We'd also like to see articles from you guys that worked on the school newsletter in the day, The Campionette. It would be great if anyone could contact and interview some of the old jebbies and submit your by-line. In the mean time we will keep Johnny 5 requesting for more input.

Request for post-Campion sports memoirs.

We are still waiting on you Jocks to send us articles.

Request for alumni/faculty related articles.

We can add articles to this edition on the fly. So if you have something to contribute send it in and we will add it.

Paul McCullough brings to our attention that old Hwy 35 from Prairie du Chien to Ferryville has been dedicated to Governor Patrick Lucey. You can read the article here.

Alumni who have passed in 2013:
Thomas M. Rink19642013-02-05Prairie du Chien
Thomas G. Sheen19572013-02-05La Grange
Edward T. Cunneen19412013-03-00Cleveland Heights
Carleton D. Beh19452013-03-18Des Moines
Raymond Joseph Modjeski19602013-03-28Hammond
David S. Hauer19512013-04-12Calumet City
Frank W. Gruesen19482013-04-12Watertown
John P. Augustine19632013-04-20Sherwood
Micheal J. Kelley19652013-04-26Ames
Thomas Brodzeller19552013-05-14Lomira
Richard Beauchamp-Nobbs19632013-05-23Cicero
Robert B. Varco19622013-05-23St. Paul
James P. Mahoney19422013-05-27Prairie du Chien
Victor Mudra19602013-07-00La Grange
Greg P. Knapp19682013-07-31Prairie du Chien
Robert Tordella19602013-08-13Jamestown
Steven J. Boichot19632013-08-17Lansing
John R. Doyle19422013-08-28Lincoln
Mike Roll19732013-09-10Dayton
Bob Valeri19562013-09-18Hibbing
Robert J. Gase19512013-10-04Mount Pleasant
John N. Metzger19512013-10-12Shelby
John A. Barden19482013-10-13Kenosha
Mark E. Lukaszewski19632013-11-06Chicago
Michael J. Von Holtum19702013-11-14Worthington
Keith Leighty19702013-11-17Peoria
Michael J. Munding19572013-11-26Tulsa
David L. Hoffmann19542013-11-29Perrysburg
Thomas J. Bolton19652013-12-05Chicago

Alumni who have passed in 2012.

Faculty who have passed:

Obits at the Jesuit Wisconsin Province website

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