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VOLUME 13 • CHAPTER 2 • April 2013

James West graduated in 1932 ...

Dr. James West '32 along with his colleague, Dr. Richard Lawler performed the world's first Human Organ transplant in 1950. Specifically it was a kidney transplant. Later he was also a pioneer at the Betty Ford Center. We had lost contact with him a few years back and only just found that he passed away last July 24, 2012.

The New York Time has an article on him here.

Guys on ICE

Celebration of North Woods Winter Traditions and Activities.

Doug Wiley '70 reports on the latest mini-reunion - Guys on ICE

Five Campion '70 Knights were among the twelve Guys On Ice at Quarterdeck Resort on beautiful Gull lake near Nisswa, MN in January. Dan Crutcher (Louisville, KY) , John Hartman (Juneau, WI), Joe Haschka (Minneapolis, MN), Brad Smith (Taipei, Taiwan), and Doug Wiley (Atlanta, GA) rendezvoused for a long weekend of fellowship, remembrances, storytelling, ice fishing, card playing, and a pretty much continuous hootenanny interspersed with Haschka's cassette tapes of early '70s hard rock and blooz tunes. We plan to do it again in winter 2015---all Campion Knights are invited!

More pictures and details of this event are here.

Other mini-reuions around the country can be viewed at the Campion-Knights Mini-Reunion Archives.

Louis Chiara '65 reports on his idea of Guys on ICE

VOC - Voice of Campion

We are asking guys who were involved with the Campus Radio Station to send in their memoirs. We will add them to this newsletter on the fly. In particular, we want to hear about the VOC station before it burned down since we are lacking info on it. We will add that to the C-K Nostalgia page. Check back often.

Don Defoe '64 writes...

Well, the best one of my personal memory had to do with the day I was co-DJ'ing with...not sure who...George, Dennis or Val...

Anyway, a fly had gotten loose into the studio...a rather large one if I remember correctly and he was a real pain in the ass and aggressive with the both of us as we were on air. I think I made the initial comment that I thought the fly looked foreign to me, from another country. Comment to me then was, "why does it look foreign" and I replied "It looks to me like a Spanish Fly."

Wasn't there a scholastic that was also involved in moderating VOC along with Fr. Wiggins?? In either case, I was promptly reprimanded for making a sexual reference like that on air and was suspended from broadcasting for awhile. Touchy, touchy. Must have been something they read in "Modern Youth and Chastity." Which, speaking of THAT publication, it forever changed the way I took showers.... :o)

Only the Jebbies....


Alumni who have passed in 2013:
Thomas M. Rink19642013-02-05Prairie du Chien
Thomas G. Sheen19572013-02-05La Grange
Edward T. Cunneen19412013-03-00Cleveland Heights
Carleton D. Beh19452013-03-18Des Moines
Raymond Joseph Modjeski19602013-03-28Hammond
David S. Hauer19512013-04-12Calumet City
Frank W. Gruesen19482013-04-12Watertown
John P. Augustine19632013-04-20Sherwood
Micheal J. Kelley19652013-04-26Ames
Thomas Brodzeller19552013-05-14Lomira
Richard Beauchamp-Nobbs19632013-05-23Cicero
Robert B. Varco19622013-05-23St. Paul
James P. Mahoney19422013-05-27Prairie du Chien
Victor Mudra19602013-07-00La Grange
Greg P. Knapp19682013-07-31Prairie du Chien
Robert Tordella19602013-08-13Jamestown
Steven J. Boichot19632013-08-17Lansing
John R. Doyle19422013-08-28Lincoln
Mike Roll19732013-09-10Dayton
Bob Valeri19562013-09-18Hibbing
Robert J. Gase19512013-10-04Mount Pleasant
John N. Metzger19512013-10-12Shelby
John A. Barden19482013-10-13Kenosha
Mark E. Lukaszewski19632013-11-06Chicago
Michael J. Von Holtum19702013-11-14Worthington
Keith Leighty19702013-11-17Peoria
Michael J. Munding19572013-11-26Tulsa
David L. Hoffmann19542013-11-29Perrysburg
Thomas J. Bolton19652013-12-05Chicago

Alumni who have passed in 2012.

Faculty who have passed:

Obits at the Jesuit Wisconsin Province website

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