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VOLUME 12 • CHAPTER 3 • July 2012

Request for post-Campion sports memoirs.

We are hoping to get post-Campion sports notables to offer up some of their experiences in their post-Campion sports related careers. We know there are some pro players, owners, managers, Hall of Famers out there. Please consider taking some time and writing your memoirs remembering this was perhaps your ministry in life and sharing your testimony with us is a good thing.

18th Annual All Class Golf Tournament

The all class Golf Tournament was held on June 11, 2012. This time of the year in Prairie du Chien is perfect for reunions as the weather is still mild. This year the weather was fantastic.

The golf tournament has been held in Prairie du Chien for decades and is open to all Campion Alumni as well as special guests. You might even find your old friends from Prairie High playing in these games. No, no one is burning down anyones bon fires. Just good clean safe fun.

There was a pretty good turn out with 22 teams, though there was plenty of room for more teams. This event is often the end point for indiviual class reunions held on the same weekend in PdC. The unique circumstances provides a chance for comradery between alumni from all the great classes.

Dave Krieg '49 and Tom Olson '72 scootered around the course taking picture of the teams.

Here is this years team roster and all the team pictures. You can check out the history and archives for this annual event on the Campion Golf Tour page located at the Campion-Knights site. Campion-Knights.ORG/GolfTour/

Do I know that Umpire?

Yep, he's da man!

Nice call Keith Leighty '70!

PdC celebrated Hoffman Hall turning 50 years old in May 2012. President Kennedy's congrats letter to Fr. Kalb, SJ was dated March 29, 1963. So I figure the ground breaking ceremony was in May 1962 and it was completed by the following March.

Articles at the Black Robe Chronicles

Father Daly, Kilmer, and Campion
By William S. Bowdern, SJ

They both loved the simple things of life and sang of them sweetly and sublimely - Joyce Kilmer of "Trees" and Father James J. Daly of the little town with the musical name of "Boscobel." It was appropriate that their first rendezvous would be among the "Trees" at Campion, where...

Read more of this 1953 article reprinted at the Blackrobe Chronicles:

The Fastest Pen in the West

Take a young boy, turn him loose in the land of Shining Mountains, alias Montana, and what can you expect?

You can be sure of this all his life will be filled with visions of beauty, his heart caught high in the branches of the golden aspen on the mountain slope, his dreams pinned tight to that distant star, and tangled in the boughs of the tallest pine.

His favorite song will be that of the wind whispering its secrets to the tree tops. He will want to return to the...

Read more of this 1973 article about Fr. John Scott, SJ at the Blackrobe Chronicles:

"I have called you..."

A reflection on the call to the priesthood by Fr. Jonathan Haschka, SJ
Read this 1974 article reprinted at the Blackrobe Chronicles:

While you are at it, here is the link to Fr. Jonathan Haschka, SJ in the Jesuit Spotlight

And the most recent article about
Those Haschka Boys
Read this cover story in the Spring/Summer 2012 edition of Jesuit Journeys

Alumni who have passed in 2012: [an error occurred while processing this directive] Faculty who have passed:

  • Rev. Howard E. Kalb '41, S.J. 2012-04-04, CJHS Class of 1941; Scholastic 1948-1951, Taught Algebra; Priest 1957-1960, Algebra, Dean of Kostka Hall, Dean of Lucey Hall; President and Rector 1960-1966, Erected Hoffman Rec Center, Xavier Hall, and Superintendent Maintenance Building.
  • Frank Goetz 2012-07-10, Scholastic 1962-1963, Taught Latin
  • Don Sebastian '41 2012-07-20,CJHS class of 1941;Campus Barber 1952-1978

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