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VOLUME 11 • CHAPTER 1 • January 2011

Another weak quarter with not much input from the would be authors out there. So, I thought we would remember a past alumni.

David Doyle '47 RIP February 26, 1997 AKA John Bosley.

In remembering one of our favorite funny guy alumni we stumbled upon the Townsend Agency web site.

From: Tom Olson '72

We are trying to improve our list about teachers or employees of Campion who were also alumni. You can check the list in the Notables section on the C-K site. If you know of some one NOT already on the list, please email us with your input. We've added four new names just this month. Thanks... Read More!

Also, we would like your help in updating our list of Where Have All the Jesuits Gone... We have over 375 Faculty and Employees of Campion listed. We try to list their Campion Ministry, their Current Ministry and last known general whereabouts. Please contact us if you know of corrections. Read More!

From: Joe Sweeney '49

Here's a true story about my brother-in-law, Roy Bernard Hovel '35, a star student and a star athlete at Campion in the 1930's.

There's a fine restaurant in Glenview, IL, on north side of Lake Street and just east of Waukegan Road). It's name is Hackney's. (There are three or four Hackney's restaurants in the Chicago area, but the one I'm talking about is the one on Lake just east of Waukegan.)

At any rate, if you ever happen to stop by there, be sure to go down the long and somewhat dark hall towards the main dining room. Just before entering that dining room, on the wall on the right-hand side, there is a ... Read More!

From: Joe Campion
Super Bowl mania. Green Bay Packers going to Super Bowl Again!
By what stretch of the imagination does Campion have anyting to do with the Green Bay Packers. Not much. Let's turn back the time machine to Vince Lombardi taking the Packers to win the first two ever Superbowls. Vince Lombardi would take his team to practice at a remote field. What field would this be? Well his friend coached at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. So who was this mysterious friend? Coach Mel Nicks. OK, so why do we care about Coach Mel Nicks at St. Norbert College. Let's turn the clock back some more. Coach Mel Nicks was Coach at our alma mater in the 1940's to 1950's. So there you have it. A bit of a stretch. Read More!

Alumni who have passed since last issue: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
Faculty who have passed:

  • Coach Robert Vuillemot 2010-11-04 Football and Swimming 1972-4.
  • Fr. Bill Doran, S.J. 2011-01-31 Principal 1959-68

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