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VOLUME 14 • CHAPTER 1 • January 2014

Request for post-Campion sports memoirs.

OK, so we still don't have any articles written for OUR newsletter. All we have is something written by somebody else for another magazine. So here is the link to that article, complete with the ton of overwhelming advertising, perhiperal articles, social networking, and other distractions that comes with those. At least it is a sports related article about one of our alumni. It is a shame that it wasn't written by one ours for submission to ours.

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen got start in Wisconsin

Request for alumni/faculty related articles.

OK, here is the challenge assignment for our old jebbie friends. Get your typewriters out and pen something together for us.

Flashback to times past

OK, so we can't get anybody to send us current reports of alumni, we will have to revert back to reminescing the old days. Here is a video of our old spawning grounds (remember Ponn Farr), Prairie du Chien Parade.

Alumni who have passed in 2014:
Rev. Eugene Smith19382014-02-08Prairie du Chien
D. Mark Lochner19642014-02-10Prairie du Chien
John P. Hubbard19602014-02-13Grand Rapids
Daniel B. Garrity19642014-02-13Prairie du Chien
Einar C. Olsen19512014-03-03Wisconsin Rapids
James E. Regan19632014-05-00Oak Park
Joseph F. Dobbes19532014-05-03LaGrange
Thomas L. Murray19432014-05-08Granger
Patrick Lucey19352014-05-10Bloomington
Joseph A. Merz19572014-05-18Chicago
Fr. John V. Daly, S.J.19532014-06-02Philo
John H. Rhomberg19472014-06-06Dubuque
John C. Ballard19682014-06-13Lexington
James L. O'Kane19572014-07-02Prairie du Chien
Roger C. Bennett19532014-07-21Niles
Daniel J. Lauer19482014-08-03Toledo
Dan M. McGinley19612014-08-09Prairie du Chien
Salvador Habet19542014-08-26British Honduras
Mike Chatel19592014-09-01Flossmoor
Patrick M. Crahan19662014-09-12Dubuque
Richard P. Wojak19752014-09-17Des Plaines
Dennis W. Hickey19582014-09-29Janesville
Terrance R. Cejka19662014-10-22Prairie du Chien
Thomas A. Emmet19482014-11-05Grosse Pointe Park
Geary T. Becker19492014-11-19Park Ridge
Dr. Robert A. Gruesen19502014-12-06Watertown

Alumni who have passed in 2013, 2012.
Faculty who have passed:

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