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VOLUME 14 • CHAPTER 3 • July 2014

Campion Seal Decoded

Tom Olson '72

Recently was asked, "what is the translation of the Latin phrases on our Campion Seal"?
A couple words could not be found on-the-line because virtually all the free Latin-English dictionarys have gone the way of the ancient language. They either are lacking completeness or refer to someone who wants money. All of my Latin dictionaries, books, and references have also gone to storage or to the recycling center. Mea Copa! So I enlisted the help of Fr. Roland Teske, S.J. and Fr. Gregory Lucey, S.J. and we now have it worked out.

The problem people were having was with the phrase "Cordis Pratocanense". Well it turns out that Cordis doesn't go with the Pratocanense. It goes with the SS. "SS." means "Most Sacred" and Cordis means "Heart". So "SS. Cordis" or "Cordis SS." means "Most Sacred Heart".

Prato means flat or prairie. Canis means dog. -Ensis or -ense is used for ending the name of a city. So Pratocanensis is the city, Prairie of Dogs. We already know that Prairie du Chien is French for Prairie of Dogs. Historically though it is really named after the indian chief whose name was Dog... thus referring to Dog's prairie. Bob Fitzgerald '49 explains that -ense is the ablative of -ensis so ablative of place would give the meaning "at".

So the outer sentence of the seal means "Campion College of the Most Sacred Heart at Prairie du Chien 1880". Of course we all really knew that! Right!

The inner phrase "Cor Unum et Anima Una" means "One Heart and One Soul".

So what about the Campion Shield within the Campion Seal?

We all know (or should know) what AMDG means. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam meaning "to the greater glory of God".

The five pointed symbol that looks like an asterisk may be symbolic of the State Flower of Wisconsin which is a "Wood Violet".

The trees, river, and sunshine are obviously The Mississipi River and our famous Trees.

And finally, what about the funky symbol of the two wolfs standing up and pawing something. That symbol is the Loyola Family Shield and one of the symbols of the Loyola Coat-of-Arms. Loyola is derived from "Lobo y Olla", spanish literally meaning "Wolf and Pot". So the shield is included for St. Ignatius Loyola being our founder of the Jesuit Order.

Campion Golf Tour

Campion Alumni may be in for their own Golf Touring events. The famous PdC golf tournament has been going on for decades. This year brings the first year to have a second event in the venue. It was held near Chicago at Homewood, IL. Perhaps we will see a west coast and/or southern event in the future. I don't know how many of us old timers can make the rounds. But if it comes down to one or the other the consensus is Pon Farr.

Tour Event - PdC, WI - June 9

Event Pictures

Steve Bowers '70 reports...


After attending my 1st Campion Annual All Class Reunion/Golf Tour (BTW the 20th year), I can only recommend that if you are ever able to fit this into your calendar, it will be a very rewarding/enjoyable experience. Despite the dismal landscape of the prison occupying our school, it was somewhat satisfying to be at least able to roam Hoffman Hall in our retro Campion apparel. In addition it was truly touching seeing 70+ fellow grads with their heads bowed reciting an Our Father before heading onto the course to start our round. Beautiful day, well run outing and an outstanding hat for all participants!!

To all classmates in general and the remaining members of Class 1A Latin Class, Stephen A. Scherr, attorney at law, the former, well -coiffed Mr. Scherr sends his best. As the latter will certainly recall what both Steve Peterson and I separately related about perhaps the most memorable incident of Mr. Scherr "crowning" John Kleihege with the textbook.

Best to All!!!!!


Joe Williamson '72 reports...

In the early morning of Sunday, June 8th, I picked up Brian Kimball, class of '73, in Oshkosh and headed for Prairie du Chien. Both Brian and I love returning to that part of the State as, not only does it bring back such fond memories, but it is simply beautiful scenery with the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River!

I dropped Brian off at Tom Halpin's (class of '73) house, located near the Prairie du Chien Country Club and on the side of a bluff with a beautiful view!

I made a bee line for Pete's Hamburger stand which has the best hamburgers in the world and has been operated by the Gokey family since 1909. Pete's is now owned by Paul Gokey, who was in my class but only went to Campion for Freshman and Sophomore years before transferring to Prairie High.

I picked up burgers for Dan Lipke and John Dudek as well, both of class of '72, who were waiting for me at The Sawmill Saloon, where we devoured them along with a couple of beers. Life was indeed good at this time!!

After leaving the Sawmill, Dan Lipke, John Dudek and I met Tim Dickey (class of '72) over in McGregor, Iowa for a ride on the mighty Mississippi on Tim's boat. There has been a lot of rain and the river was high but we were able to spend a nice afternoon on the water!

Since the inception of the Campion Golf Outing 20 some years ago, the 'Organizational Gala' as Mark Peterson refers to it, had always been held at Kabers Supper Club, hosted by John Kaber (class of '73). Kabers is no more and has been sold to the people who own the Black Angus.

The 'Gala' was held at Eddie's Sportsman's Inn, owned by Mark Peterson (class of '68), and organizer of the event.

The new location served us well as there were many 'veterans' who seem to make the outing every year as well as a few 'newbies'. Those, who I remember seeing for the first time, were Steve 'Screwy' Bowers (class of '70) and Rick Sevenants (also class of '70).

Later many went to dinner at the Black Angus and those that did were treated to a nice meal! The bartender at the Black Angus was the son of former football coach Nick Campbell and we had a great conversation! Nick was a great guy and is sorely missed!

The next morning we all met out at the Prairie du Chien Country Club and were treated to a beautiful day for golf! Before golfing we all gathered and bowed our heads for a brief moment of prayer for Mr. James O. Peterson, former Campion teacher and coach who had passed away in March of this year. See last issue of Campion Forever Newsletter.

I also remembered other Campion men who passed away within the year including Mark Lochner, Class of '64, who I would run into at his place in Waupaca, WI on the beautiful Chain O' Lakes. This is a trend, I'm afraid, which will be continuing in the upcoming years!

I would encourage those who have not attended this event to give it your consideration in future years. It is a great way to see fellow Campion people and get back to where it all happened. Pon Farr!!!

Also, it was great to see so many members from the class of '69 who were there celebrating their 45th reunion!

Until next year, yours truly,

Joe Williamson ('72)

Tour Event - Homewood, IL - July 28

Event Pictures

Ken Duffy '60 reports...

Fellow Knights: The MAC All Class Invitational 2014 - August 1, 2014

At the recent annual Campion golf event in PdC, our pal Mike McErlean '60 (aka Mac) opined it was such a great time that maybe a follow up all-class event in Chicago might attract other classmates and serve as a way to convince more of us to make the trek to PdC.

I have attended the PdC event for six of the past eight years and can't speak highly enough of the job done by the Peterson crew.

So, Mac got alumni names and sent out a blast email announcing his idea for an event in the Chicago area. Considering that this effort began only a month before his target date, it is amazing that he was able to find more than 20 golfers and non-golfers to attend. He might have had as many as 30 golfers but lost a few due to schedule issues.

The date was set for July 28 at the beautiful and historic Ravisloe CC, Homewood, IL. This club is over 100 years old and was private until a few years ago. Under current management the course and grounds have been maintained at the same high level. The staff was very courteous and the food was good.

We met for check-in and practice at 9:30AM. Jim Kelly '59 helped set up carts and sold raffle tickets. Knights from classes 1954 through 1977 were in attendance. Five groups teed off back to back at 10:30AM. Mac set up a scramble format that mirrored the PdC event (don't mess with success).

Riding with Jim Popjoy '60, yours truly hit a 9 iron to five feet on the Closest to the Pin par 3, 6th hole. It held up until Duffy "keep it in the clan" Moran '55 hit one within two feet in a later foursome. Yes, we both made birdie putts! Then as we approached the tee on the par 4, 395 yard, 10th hole, Mac noticed that the Longest Drive sign appeared to be missing.

Wrong! As we drove up the fairway, we finally saw the sign, only about 100 yards off the green. The culprit: Joe Orrico '71, with Joe Mascari '58, Chuck Corbett '65, and John Hoag '65.

The round took a leisurely 4.5 hours in beautiful weather. We all then met for drinks and photos on the patio off the 18th green. Joined by non-golfers Burke Mac Donald '60 reunion Chairman, and Alan Milos '59, we adjourned to a long table for more libations and hors d'oeuvres.

Everyone was reintroduced. Note the pic of the Adler group (Rich Adler '54, Geo. Braasch '54, Mike Homer '58, and Duffy Moran '55) with the 18th hole flag in the background.

Every team got 3 Mulligans. The Adler team used all three on the 18th to record a birdie. This was one of three consecutive birdies on 16, 17, 18 that resulted in a team score of 63 that won the day.

The Ed Jakubas '70, Jim Geldermann '70, John Lag '71, and Mike Scheck '71 team announced a score of 62 but mysteriously, their scorecard had been "misplaced". A flurry of "aw shucks" (or something like that) was heard from the crowd.

The other teams scored respectable 64, 68, 78 (VERY saintly guys). The younger generation was represented by Joe Bertrand '76, Perran Wetzel '75, Gary Foster '75, and Harold Edwards '77.

Mike Ormsby '71 brought his own foursome and graciously abstained from prize consideration.

The finale was the awarding of prizes and raffle. Mac presented the featured raffle prize, the Campion blanket, to TBD.[EDIT: we are having trouble learning who won the blanket. If you won it, or know who did, please let CF know] First prize, Campion logo goblets went to the Adler's, and several dozen golf balls and Campion 2014 hats (thanks to Mark Peterson) rounded out the raffles.

Joe Mascari mentioned that he had attended 19 PdC events and recommended everybody make the effort to go. Mac announced that this event would take place again next year, last Monday in July, also at Ravisloe if available.

Other venues in the Chicago/Milwaukee metroplex were discussed that might draw larger numbers, but clearly given enough advance notice, the attendance should grow wherever it's held.

PdC set the standard for all-class events and/or reunions and this event is a wonderful by-product.

Go Knights !!

For the group, Ken Duffy '60.

Both PdC, WI and Homeland,IL Golf Events

Joe Mascari '58 reports...

Joe Orrico 71 and I have had the privilege of attending the PDC Alumni Golf out for the past 19 years. The simple reason we haven't attended all 20 or 21 is we didn't know about it.

Mark Peterson does the job of ten people putting it together. The revelry is just outstanding. When going up there it is like time hasn't past. No matter what class you were in the story that get told after a few drinks bring back your youth.

If there is someone that has attend that outing and didn't enjoy themselves it only because they must not have enjoyed their years at Campion.

It's not a long ride for us (220 miles), but not short. Wwe just have a great time from getting a Sam's hamburger till prizes are given out and we leave Monday afternoon.

This past year we got up on Saturday rather then Sunday. The only reason we hadn't done it in past years was due to other commitments. Only God knows how many more we will attend, but it will always be Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from here on in.

Thanks to all you folks who attend, I'm looking forward to seeing you the 1st or 2nd week of June 2015.

I am now changing the subject. July of 2014 had the privilege of attending the First Annual Campion Alumni Golf Outing in Chicago area (Homewood). I am sure you all read Ken Duffy's article on the outing. The short time Mike had putting it together he did one hell of job. Another great day.

I was just thinking there are probably not even 2000 of us Campion young men left in this U.S. of A. This is all that is left the PDC & CHI outings. Mike McErlean '60 has asked yours truly to help with the CHI outing 2015 and I accepted. So I would love to hear from all those that would like to come even if it isn't for golf. If we hear from enough we can put a week-end together.

I know there are a lot of fellows not particular close to either area. Those of you who can't make both alternate years. I would love to see you at either of the outings. Because I will be at both as long as the above allows.

God Bless you all.

Joe Mascari "58"

Other Golf Events

David Cox '56 reports...

Tom, Thank for your hard work. On Wednesday, August 6, we had a get together with some Campion alumni at a golf outing and dinner with our wives. We played golf at Stone Ridge Golf Club in BG OH. Those who played where: Nap Nasser, Norm Tanber, Joe Metzger, John and Mike Weidemann, Don Pfleger, Bob Wasserman, Bill Malone and Dave Cox. We have been doing this for at least 10 years. We all graduated in '56 accept Nap '54. Again thank for a great newsletter.

Campion OCER Update

Dave Zamierowski '60 reports...
"Congratulations - we did it! New classroom building finished." Here is a picture from my daughter following her trip to Gulu, Uganda.


From Bob Fitzgerald '49...

Hey Tom,

What a helluva wonderful job you're doing!!! I love reading the "Campion Forever" issues!!! Being a member of the '49 class, I'm a little disappointed that a few more communications are not forthcoming from that era. So let me add a little something...

I celebrated #83 in July, but still come into work every day because I simply love what I do...a researcher in cardiopulmonary physiology at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. My last "active" research paper showed how H2S, the molecule that gives rotten eggs their terrible odor and yet is found in physiological concentrations in the central nervous system, relaxes human airway smooth muscle cells. This is potentially a helpful finding for asthmatics.

I still do a significant amount of teaching too. I formerly taught the First Year Medical Students (1978-2007) a significant part of their treatment of the respiratory system. But the curriculum was changed and they no longer take a course in Systems Physiology. But this past spring in my seminar course, "The Cardiopulmonary System Under Stress", I had the pleasure of 26 medical school aspirants. I guaranteed them an "A" in the course until "you prove you don't want it." They had to write an essay (1.5 page limit) explaining which stress we presented gave them a deeper insight into how the CP system worked. They were terrific, writing splendid essays.

Presented a Plenary Lecture in July over in Leeds, UK at the International Society for Arterial Chemoreception's triennial meeting. Loved the trip and our visit to York. I am the last of the founding members of the Society.

My Son, Akira, is a professional soccer player, a goalkeeper for the Carolina RailHawks, one of ten teams in the North American Soccer League, the top minor league...just under the Major League Soccer group. In their eight game spring season he was named NASL Player of the Week twice. He had two splendid games, shutouts. But he is now recovering from a sprained ligament in his left thumb, and is bench-riding.

Well, I guess this does it. Use the above as you see fit. Oh, by the way, I'm sure you noticed that Pratocanense is the the ablative of Pratocanensis. That would be an "ablative of place", I believe. So the Campion College of the Most Sacred Heart at Prairie du Chien. Again you're doing a great job. Oh, and by the way #2, I did enter the Jesuits on August 8, 1950 (64 years ago today)at Milford, O. I left the order in 1972 in consultation with the Maryland Provincial, Fr. Jim Connor, S.J. I loved my time in the Jesuits, but have never regretted I made the decision I did. I love supporting their work in many places...including Ocer Campion School, though I have not done that one in some time.

My very best regards and congratulations to you for your work,

Bob Fitzgerald, '49

Alumni who have passed in 2014:
Rev. Eugene Smith19382014-02-08Prairie du Chien
D. Mark Lochner19642014-02-10Prairie du Chien
John P. Hubbard19602014-02-13Grand Rapids
Daniel B. Garrity19642014-02-13Prairie du Chien
Einar C. Olsen19512014-03-03Wisconsin Rapids
James E. Regan19632014-05-00Oak Park
Joseph F. Dobbes19532014-05-03LaGrange
Thomas L. Murray19432014-05-08Granger
Patrick Lucey19352014-05-10Bloomington
Joseph A. Merz19572014-05-18Chicago
Fr. John V. Daly, S.J.19532014-06-02Philo
John H. Rhomberg19472014-06-06Dubuque
John C. Ballard19682014-06-13Lexington
James L. O'Kane19572014-07-02Prairie du Chien
Roger C. Bennett19532014-07-21Niles
Daniel J. Lauer19482014-08-03Toledo
Dan M. McGinley19612014-08-09Prairie du Chien
Salvador Habet19542014-08-26British Honduras
Mike Chatel19592014-09-01Flossmoor
Patrick M. Crahan19662014-09-12Dubuque
Richard P. Wojak19752014-09-17Des Plaines
Dennis W. Hickey19582014-09-29Janesville
Winthrop E. Dailey19582014-10-01Saginaw
Terrance R. Cejka19662014-10-22Prairie du Chien
Thomas A. Emmet19482014-11-05Grosse Pointe Park
Geary T. Becker19492014-11-19Park Ridge
Dr. Robert A. Gruesen19502014-12-06Watertown

Alumni who have passed in 2013, 2012.
Faculty who have passed:

  • James Ole Peterson 2014-03-27, 1953-71 Teacher of History, Economics, Sociology Atheletic Director and Coach of Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track.
  • Fr. Robert Hilbert, S.J. 2014-05-19, 1966-73 Teacher of Math. Rector.
  • Obits at the Jesuit Wisconsin Province website

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